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Living with cancer

We believe that you should not be burdened by having to clean your house or garden when you have been diagnosed or already living with cancer.

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Bulk compost, super grow, lawn dressing, garden mix & topsoil sales

Organic Compost has added Gypsum plus, the gypsum looks like little white stones but it is not a stone it’s a lime and will break down into the soil over time and is an excellent soil enhancer.

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Biogrow & Talborne summary

Do not adversely affect pH of soil. Microbial activity and vitality of soil is enhanced leading to sustainable enhanced production. Naturally Slow Release (sustained release) with roughly 18%-20% (tested by CA Labs and measured after dissolving in citric acid solution) of nutrients being immediately available to the plant, the balance being released by microbial activity in the soil over an extended period. Applied every 4-6 months in good soil, which amounts to labour reduction, cost savings, and less management effort. Granular in structure which allows fertiliser to be trapped between soil particles where nutrients are released over an extended period, making it a beneficial fertilizer (even in sandy soil) as nutrients are not lost through leaching.

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Permanent placement staff

Full time staff placement. We find and train - you employ directly.

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Managed placement staff

We source and place a domestic and/or gardener for you but also manage them on your behalf. Your one stop garden, pool, home & office cleaning service solution

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